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Harbour Lakes, Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico Palmanova Village, Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico Marbella Club, Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico
Harbour Lakes Palmanova Village Marbella Club Foreclosures


La Loma Valle Santa Cecilia River Park Savannah Real
La Loma De Fajardo Valle Santa Cecilia River Park Caguas Savanna Real

All of these Caribbean Properties are located where NO PASSPORT IS REQUIRED!

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Puerto Rico Homes for Sale

OCEANO RESORT SALES - The number one Puerto Rico Vacation Homes locator, Resort Home Rental Manager and Puerto Rico Real Estate Sales Company.Oceano Resort Sales specializes in Resort Homes located in premier resort communities throughout the island. We represent premier Caribbean Resort Ocean Front Properties with a current focus on Puerto Rico.Use our website to learn about the best areas to purchase a resort or vacation home in Puerto Rico or to discover Puerto Rico so that you may select a home throughout the Island

Palmas Del Mar, Puerto RicoPalmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico


Our Staff can not only locate your vacation home, rental home, rental property, or investment property, but we can also place your home in a resort villa rental program or a home property management program. There is no better time to look for opportunities and Puerto Rico Real Resort Homes offer some of the best value in the world. There is easy access to some of the most beautiful resorts in the world and right now is the time to take advantage of buying a Home in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico Real Estate Sales

Puerto Rico Real Estate

Opportunity Buys - We have been working with banks and developers throughout Puerto Rico for over two years in order to be able to deliver the absolute best information and opportunities to our clients. Since we are not just brokers but also investors; this allows us to have access to bulk inventory, REO's and foreclosure opportunities as well as larger investment opportunities. If you are looking for the perfect vacation home or Investment property in Puerto Rico then contact our team today!

Puerto Rico Homes For Sale

Home Purchases - Although we work primarily with resort homes in Puerto Rico, we also work with many residential homes in many of the primary markets throughout the Island. If you are looking for your dream home in Puerto Rico then contact our team today!
It is a buyers market; become a buyer - find that perfect Puerto Rico Real Estate opportunity today! 
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